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Biblical Worldview Lecture Series


What does the Bible teach about civil taxation? What did Jesus actually teach about "rendering unto Caesar"? How Biblical are our tax laws? We all have an opinion about taxation, but what does God say? You may be surprised to hear how much the Bible says about this important topic. A question and answer time follows the presentation, let us know your opinion!

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Biblical Worldview Lecture Series
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Monuments: Blessings or Curses?

For our September Presentation

The Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society presents:

Monuments: Blessings or Curses?


Tuesday, September 19th

If it is true that culture is religion externalized, then a country's monuments should tell us something about a country's religion.

We are hearing much about civil war monuments. It seems that any public edifice that serves to connect whatever Christian past we had, is under attack. But what kind of sense does it make? Is it all about slavery? Or, is something else at work here?

There is no doubt that monuments are important. So important that the Israelite occupation of Canaan, under Joshua, was almost entirely derailed over a monument, and a sectional civil war that was barely averted as a result

So: Once again, we see that the Bible has much to say about this issue.  Joel Saint will bring a thoughtful analysis that will sharpen your thinking on this and other related issues.
Come join us, and bring a friend, we would like to see some new faces!! 
Dinner from excellent menu  6:00  
Lecture  7:00     
Chef Alan's American Bistro  
6th & Penn Avenues, West Reading, PA


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