Expressing our thanks for the 2018 Future of Christendom Conference
November 8, 2018
Toby Grater

The 2018 Future of Christendom conference began and was complete in the blink of an eye. The planning and execution of the conference was filled with expected and unexpected challenges. Wethank our Lord Jesus Christ first, foremost, and overall for the time and blessings that we shared withthe attendees and speakers. Despite trepidations, uncertainties, and our own shortcomings, our hopesand expectations were exceeded. Sola Deo Gloria!

Attendance was up about ten percent from last year. Head counts are not the best way to measure success or blessing, but are perhaps the easiest and most consistent metric, and  hard to deny that, in general, the more in attendance the better the reach. Better still, excitement and enthusiasm were inthe air for the entire weekend with constant, busy and sometimes animated discussions taking place inthe vendor hall, as well as some quieter discussions throughout the comfortable hotel accommodations surrounding the conference area. No doubt some serious Kingdom business was transacted! There seemed to be a lot of folks carrying away armloads from the vast array of great books on the vendor tables, as well as informative material that was graciously provided free of charge on many tables. The meals that we shared were delicious, particularly the Saturday night banquet buffet.

We are certain that many first-time contacts were made, and believe that the connections establishedwill be used of the Lord for productive work in the future - the "future of Christendom" as we like to say.We, the MARS board, made a conscious effort to spend as much time as possible speaking with theattendees, even if it meant that we had a little less time to spend with the various speakers. We weregreatly blessed by this effort, as we realized the deep commitment to Christ and the vast knowledge andexperience of the folks who attended. What an encouragement to learn of the capabilities of thesemany people!Thanks to each attendee for your time in attending and in speaking with us.

The speakers and vendors, obviously key to the effort, came well prepared for their tasks, were consistently friendly and enthusiastic, and received high praise in the feedback that we received from attendees. We thank them for their hard work and commitment to our conference. We are tremendously blessed, too, by a large group of willing volunteers who did a lot of work that many did not see. Our humble thanks goes out to these fine people.

We hope that everyone who attended took home with them ideas and plans that they are now working to implement; that is our goal. Plans are in the works for the 2019 conference which will focus on building the Kingdom through enterprise, and address ways that Christians can serve Christ through business and the workplace. We trust that the time of learning, networking, and fellowship will again be a blessing to many, the date and place to be announced in the near future. Thanks again, and may the Lord bless you until next time!

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