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    Future of Christendom Conference: Advancing the Kingdom Through Enterprise



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    The Man Who Nobody Liked

    Now, don’t misunderstand; he was famous and very influential, and he definitely impressed people. But he was, well, not a very nice guy. He was ridiculed, mocked, and attacked. Some people said that he “turned the world upside down.” Instead of spreading love and goodwill, he spread dissension. He often made “good” people feel bad, and bad people feel good. 

    He was placed on trial and accused of disturbing the peace. At one point in his ministry, forty main stream religious, influential men make themselves a vow that they will not eat or drink until they . . .. not arrest. . . not destroy his reputation. . .  not burn down his house. . .  but kill him.

    Clearly, this missionary was not well liked by the main stream Christianity of his day. And how would today’s church view him? What a terrible representative of Christ to stir up opposition like that!  Why, he’s not very Christ-like,is he?  Bring him off the field. Stop his support! Dis-associate!

    His list of near-death experiences makes him look more like some sort of paid mercenary or daredevil with a death wish. This Gospel-bearing missionary escaped in a basket over the city wall from a very motivated band of offended cutthroat religionists waiting on the outside. According to our modern view of missions, as a servant of Christ, he should have had a triumphant exit from the city, right through the front gate! After all, is this how a minister of the gospel should build his reputation? Where’s the love, the joy, the peace, not to mention the accolades, the feature articles, the contacts with powerful politicians, and the speaking circuit?

    Now, after this harrowing experience, one would hope that things would have improved for this missionary, but they did not: By the time he was done, he had fought with lions. He’d been stoned. He’d been grossly humiliated by being publicly beaten on eight, yes, eight separate occasions AND called crazy by a very powerful public official, who wondered aloud if this Gospel man had learned too much and gone insane as a result. He arose undaunted from three separate shipwrecks in a time when the only life jacket available was a piece of wood to hang on to if you possibly could, if it wasn’t too slippery, or too large, or if you weren’t already conked on the head.

    And to summarize, he was beaten so often he could hardly say exactly how many times, and the same with his imprisonments.  He lost count.

    -Joel Saint, adapted excerpt from the MARS “Water Cooler Warrior” Lectures

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