Quixote Dons
March 4, 2019
Toby Grater

I was shocked and horrified, to be honest. Here was the oldest conference on reformed theology, and all anyone wanted to talk about was Luther, Calvin, and Calvinism. This was not a conference on reformed theology. This was a museum of antiquity. We weren’t here to talk about reformation, we were here to celebrate a 500-year-old one. We weren’t here to discuss the future, we were here to relive the past.

The question and answer session was especially enlightening. I can’t believe it, but my question was read by one of the speakers, and subsequently addressed. My question was, in essence, “Now that we have learned about all this stuff, how do we go home and reform our society, starting with 3500 babies being murdered daily?”

Here is the response:

“I think a very significant question, it is true. I don’t know those numbers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were true. It is a horrific sin being committed in a very polite way…we have babies being slaughtered in nice white buildings, maybe close to our churches and I think it can only be compared to…Molech worship…we offer our infants on the altar of lifestyle and self. As a culture, our murdering them, how great must the wrath of God be against us. People say to me…do you think God will ever judge us? I say, what do you think’s going on? What do you think judgment looks like biblically with what we are seeing here? Let me answer the question though, let me answer it a couple ways. Do we see in the Apostles and in the Lord Jesus Christ, a diversion in the church from its gospel centered redemptive work towards a radical intervention of gross cultural sin? The answer is no. Jesus said the poor are always with you and I am with you now, that is not a callousness towards that, it’s a primacy on the great redemptive work that is the mission of the church. When Jesus gave the great commission, the great commission did not include a militant, violent, essentially the energy of the Zealots…they had a righteous cause. There is much to be said for the Zealots in that sense. But it is not cause militancy in intervention to keep gross sins from happening. That is not part of the great commission. What is part of the great commission? The proclamation of the gospel, the bringing of people into the church, the discipling of people, the very work which we are doing this weekend. So I think it’s very important that the church not denigrate or push to the side the great work given to us that has the most strategic, eternal implication: the work of the gospel in the midst of the church. That includes conferences like this. Paul, in Romans 13, when he counsels, when he orders obedience to the civil authority, it’s probably Nero… Why was there a disproportionate amount of women in the early church? Because they were being abandoned by their parents and Christians would go get the girl and they’d raise her. Likewise let me praise and honor the work of women’s health services. I think it’s a wonderful expression of Christians zealously, laboring with the women who are contemplating abortion, to help them think through it, to give them options, support them, we should be doing that. It does not denigrate the ministry of the word of God or the church. In fact, the best thing we can do, as a church, to reform the culture is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Are we surprised that an atheistic, secular-humanist society like ours, over several generations, has turned its face against God...The remedy for the situation is the grace of God that comes the Lord Jesus Christ.  So don't misread me: I'm not against Christians exercising civil rights to protest in appropriate ways…the thing we must not fail to do is to preach Christ in the midst of the congregation and bear testimony. There is no hope for reform in our culture apart from  turning to the Lord Jesus Christ and the most important thing we can do is what we are doing this weekend.”

Notice the first part of his response: “Do we see in the Apostles and in the Lord Jesus Christ, a diversion in the church from its gospel centered redemptive work towards a radical intervention of gross cultural sin? The answer is no.”

I wonder at a conference celebrating sola scriptura and now it’s sola-the-apostles-and-Jesus. Reducing application to the New Testament is foolish for a knucklehead sitting in your typical pietistic pew, but for a conference speaker to say such a thing? It’s shameful.

Have you ever seen an AHA or BAMH video? Pull out your watch and time how long it takes for them to start preaching the gospel. You go zero to scripture in less time it takes for a conference speaker to write out Ephesians 5:11. The fruit of these protestors is unbelievably tangible. The testimonies of people coming to know Christ, let alone the children physically saved from being killed, is more than enough so that lately, protesting is the new 95 theses. Or maybe it’s just making the 95 theses cool again.    

What you are seeing here is a Quixote Don. If you are familiar with Don Quixote, then you might understand why I have reversed the name. Originally, Don Quixote set out to battle giants on his horse and antiquated armor, and battle he did. Except that the giants were windmills. He was delusional, and everyone watching him knew it.

Here’s where the switch comes in. A Don Quixote fights windmills that he thinks are giants. But a Quixote Don fights windmills and makes the onlooker think he is fighting a giant. He finds a windmill. He puts on his armor. He mounts his horse and grabs his lance. He attacks! What a fight! Look at him go! Everyone thinks he is fighting Goliath! The only person in the room, though, that knows it’s all a fake, is Quixote Don.

These leaders would have us think that they are fighting the good fight, setting out to battle the cultural idols of our day in a fierce show of hubris. But they are not idiots. They have picked windmills while the real giants prey on everyone outside, and even inside, their churches. The institutional church will continue to root for the windmill slayers and condemn those who take on real giants.

~ Luke Saint, MARS Board of Directors

Article originally appeared on Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society (http://www.thinkandreform.org/).
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