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    The Grief of Abortion

    Examples are teachers; good examples are good teachers and bad examples can be equally good teachers.

    When I first heard about people who wanted to abolish abortion, I was skeptical.  These “abolitionists” go to abortion “mills” to present the gospel to women on their way in. Other times they stand outside of junior high and high schools to speak to younger people whom they try to educate by pointing out how they have been lied to.

    They often have graphic posters or signs that picture an aborted fetus to show the truth of the horror of abortion…that it is the murder of an innocent human being. I remember asking why the pictures of death and why not go to college students rather than junior high students. The answer was straightforward: ”It is too late by college. The teaching that abortion is better than ruining your life with a baby is taught to much younger ages.”

    Our Pastor went to a high school not far from where we live.  He talked to a fifteen year old girl who told him right away that she had already had an abortion. He asked her to tell him about it.

    She responded that she had been very afraid but she had not known what else to do. His next question was about how she was doing now. Her response was that she cries every night and tries to write about it in her journal.

    She is fifteen and cries every night!

    This bad example is a good teacher of why we need to be telling the truth about abortion to young women, even girls! This young woman is barely through the tenth grade and she is crying herself to sleep every night.

    She was lied to. She was told it was the best she could do for her baby, not to subject the child to a less than perfect parent, not to have a child who was not planned and wanted from the moment of conception, who would tie her down and prevent her from furthering her education. A quiet, private abortion would just cover up the problem.

    As a parent, I cannot imagine the pain of knowing that my fifteen year old daughter, rather than enjoying her teenage years, is lying in bed crying herself to sleep every night. What a tragedy in this girl’s life, and her parents’ (though they may be completely unaware).

    There is an evil element in the world encouraging women to abort babies. There is nothing taught about children being made in the image of God. Because it is “legal” according to man, no one teaches that it’s a sin against God worthy of death. It is murder and it often leaves a woman in a state of guilt for years.

    The deception about it does not end, there are now “clergy” who will support a woman in her decision to abort.

    Through this young 15 year-old post abortive, depressed young woman, I feel as though God has shown us that we need to be telling teens the truth that abortion is murder. She heard too late to stop her own. But it’s not too late to tell her of the forgiveness that comes with faith in Jesus Christ.

    Calling abortion murder in our culture is radical stuff. But it is time to talk about it -- out loud -- to people who do not recognize the deception of “it’s a personal decision” based on “your own complicated circumstances”.

    The truth is that abortion murders a baby. That truth will hold a young woman hostage for a long time as she cries herself to sleep at night. 

    There is one more truth that is evident from the number of abortions; there are not enough Christians crying ourselves to sleep over murdered babies in their mother’s womb.

    Who needs to hear this truth from our lips?

    -Beth Bingaman

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