A Superior Culture
May 14, 2019
Toby Grater

A close acquaintance related a story about a military retirement party he recently attended.  Part of the festivities included touring a large military cargo plane.  He was able to chat with the plane’s pilot who has served several times in the Middle East conflicts.

Without prompting from my friend, the pilot stated that no amount of dropped bombs, boots on the ground, or regime changes will change the situation there.  In his opinion, the only thing that will alleviate the corruption and bloodshed will be a change to the mindset of people.  Only when a significant number of individuals believe in their hearts in the dignity of life can progress be made.

A change of heart.  We Christians recognize such a phrase as the miracle of salvation – conversion, if you will. 

There was a time in Western history where “boots on the ground” implied the Bible was being carried along.  It was understood that Christianity is a superior culture to any other and that wherever one went, the gospel was to be proclaimed (or at least conspicuously demonstrated).

We’re not talking about forcible conversions as a means of spreading the gospel, but a teaching and presentation of a better way.  Other religions rely on the sword to “convince” new converts but that is not the Christian way.  Yes, there have been exceptions but they are out of the ordinary.  Forced conversions are neither Christian nor conversions.

Our Western culture, however, is now committing suicide by officially preventing the education of anyone to the superior ideas of Christianity.  The “boots” are not allowed to carry Bibles or proselytize while on their tours.  Substituted is some sort of belief that “democratic ideals” will mystically convert cultures.

Such a humanistic idea is laughable.  Democratic ideals, or any other philosophical love of liberty, cannot exist outside of a Christian worldview.  Only as real Christianity is practiced by individuals can liberty flourish.  Freedom from greed and covetousness, security in property and persons, strong families, love of the Triune God – these guarantee true liberty in a way regime change cannot.

Until our country begins to promote the basis of “The American Way,” namely Christianity, it will continue to squander treasure, lives, and reputation by way of foreign involvements.

When America was a largely Christian culture it was a Superior Culture and talk of American exceptionalism was warranted.  As a secular culture it has lost both moral authority and its moral voice.

~John Bingaman, May 2019

Article originally appeared on Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society (http://www.thinkandreform.org/).
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