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Biblical Worldview Lecture Series


What does the Bible teach about civil taxation? What did Jesus actually teach about "rendering unto Caesar"? How Biblical are our tax laws? We all have an opinion about taxation, but what does God say? You may be surprised to hear how much the Bible says about this important topic. A question and answer time follows the presentation, let us know your opinion!

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Biblical Worldview Lecture Series

Why Mars?


And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.

                                                                                                           -Genesis 3: 15

From dictionary.com, enmity is defined as “a feeling or condition of hostility; hatred; ill will; animosity; antagonism.”

There are more than a few reasons why the Mid Atlantic Reformation Society exists. To name a few, we believe that, unlike earlier periods in the history of our country, today’s theologians have little to nothing to say concerning the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ over the nations.

They may have much to say concerning the Lordship of Christ over the church and the family; but when it comes to the state and society, you don’t hear so much. It’s almost as if we’re OK with the Lordship of Christ, but not the Kingship of Christ.

This is gross negligence: Jesus Christ is Lord…and King—King of all individuals, families, churches, and nations.

A second reason is that, since our theologians aren’t interested in promoting the understanding of the Kingship of Christ, then somebody has to do it.

We aim to do just that.

But here is a third reason: We believe the modern church no longer believes Genesis 3: 15, cited above.

I don’t mean that pastors and members have crossed it out of their bibles, but that they simply don’t believe it.

Look again at that word enmity, and think about what it means: It means that there is an eternal battle engaged between the Seed of the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman.

Now take a look at just Who put it there: This hatred, this ill will, this antagonism, was not placed there by Satan; it was placed there by God.

Question: when God put that enmity in place, did He do a good thing or a bad thing? That question, of course, should not take long to answer; He did a good thing.

Think about it: Even with the enmity, or hatred, that God placed between the two seeds, don’t we still have enough trouble with sidling up to the enemies of Christ? Look at our Christian educational institutions, for example, tripping over themselves to gain accreditation from so-called educators that are clearly not interested in counting themselves among the Seed of the Woman.

Where’s the enmity?

Modern Christianity is pretty much driven by a “coffee and doughnuts” approach to cultural dialogue. Notice the term “dialogue,” as that is about the strongest word that most Christians will use.

But do you “dialogue” when you are at enmity? We said above that there is an eternal war between the Seed of the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman.

That’s an eternal war, not an eternal conversation. To hear our evangelical leaders talk, the only reason why the whole world has not yet turned to Christ is because we somehow don’t have enough coffee and doughnuts. If we did, we could really do that dialogue thing, and they’d all come around.

Surely, the problem can’t be that there is God-placed enmity at work here.

But there is, and we can’t wish it away, and we can’t pray it away, because God wants it there.

We’re at war, after all; a spiritual war to be sure, but a war nonetheless, and somebody has to say it.

That’s why there’s MARS.

~  Joel Saint

Fine Regulations

My boss attended a mandatory safety meeting at the offices of a client a few days ago.  The purpose was to emphasize the importance of the safety initiatives they are undertaking in order to enhance the profitability of their construction projects where our employees are subcontracted to work. 

There’s a significant cost to settling worker’s compensation claims and/or OSHA fines and this client is making a concerted attempt to rein in those costs.  I’m all for that.  But things are getting a little out of hand.

For instance, every morning the foreman for each subcontractor on the job site is expected to lead his workers in a 15-minute warm-up exercise prescribed by the client.  Also, he must prepare safety worksheets for every activity expected to be undertaken for the day and review those worksheets with the appropriate personnel, including deliverymen.

There is an escalating scale of warnings and fines for missing hardhats and safety glasses.  Ear protection will be worn when decibels exceed safe limits.  Here’s a new one.  Beginning with contracts in 2010 every job will be a “gloved” workplace.  That’s right – all tradesmen will wear gloves when working.  They may eat their snacks and lunches without gloves for now.  No word on sanitary wipes.

It goes without saying that the client doesn’t expect this to cost anything in productivity or efficiency.

What’s this got to do with how we Christians should live our lives?


Just this.  I don’t know anyone, Christian or pagan, who doesn’t get a little irritated when you describe the multi-volume, bureaucratically enforced program of rules I just described.  But most of those same people also bristle when it’s suggested we follow God’s laws found in a single volume that hasn’t changed in almost 2,000 years.

“If you love me you will follow my commandments,” says Jesus (John 14:15). 

“If you don’t follow our commands we will fine you,” says our client. 

Shouldn’t it be easier to love the Lord our God with all your heart, mind, and strength and your neighbor as yourself than to follow this man-made silliness?

“But biblical law is so bigoted and un-loving!” we hear.

Really?  Unloving?  Wouldn’t the proper regard for the safety of their neighbors/workers be undertaken by Christian owners?  Wouldn’t honest Christian workmen give their neighbors/employers a fair day’s productivity?  Would employers need to fear questionable worker’s comp claims from Christian workers?

Ultimately, our Christianity has to be worked out in what we do, not what we read and say.  We Christians talk about reaching the world for Christ, but many are satisfied with a profession of faith.  “Okay, he’s saved.  Our work here is done.”


It’s by our fruit that others will know us and bearing fruit entails work.  Our goal at MARS is to encourage thinking and acting biblically.  Acting biblically includes following God’s law.  As we do that, the need for man-made regulations disappears.

Then our work here is done.

~ John Bingaman

Is It Ever A Sin To Vote?

Over the years I have had countless Christians tell me that voting is a gift from God, a privilege that is to be taken very seriously. They even go so far as to say that not voting is a (gulp) sin! Using the word sin is very uncommon these days; even among the professing evanjellyfish. But that is a topic for another day.

To globally declare that not voting is a sin displays the shallowness of today's Believers with regard to their Biblical Worldview.

When discussing this topic with those well-meaning folks, I try to keep it simple. The conversation goes something like this:

 (Me) "Are you aware that the Bible contains qualifications for the office of Elders and Deacons?"

(Them) "Yes, I am. I think there are some passages in I Timothy somewhere and maybe Titus..."

(Me) "OK, well suppose two men in you congregation (We'll call them Joe and Bill) were running for the office of Deacon. Joe clearly meets the Biblical qualifications outlined in the Scriptures and Bill clearly does not. Would it not be a sin to cast your vote for Bill?"

(Them) "Well, yes, I guess it would..."

(Me) "There are also Biblical qualifications for the office of civil magistrate. Exodus 18 and Deuteronomy 1 would be some verses you could start with... men who are able, men who fear God, men committed to truth, men who hate covetousness, etc."

(Them) "That's very interesting, I was not aware of those verses..."

(Me) "So do you see how casting your vote for someone running for office in the civil sphere who does not meet the basic qualification outlined in the Bible would be a violation of Gods law and therefore a sin?"

(Them) "Yes, I guess I should find out more about the candidates and determine if they are Biblically qualified..."

This, my friends, is what we are trying to accomplish at MARS, to get Christians to think and act Biblically. To look at everything (voting, war, money, law, property, etc.) from a Biblical perspective.

Sam RohrerThis past Tuesday was our Primary Election day here is Pennsylvania. There were several men running for office that clearly meet the Biblical standards. State Representative Sam Rohrer, running for the office of Governor is one of them. Sadly, none of these men won and I submit to you that the reason is because the average Christian does not take the voting process seriously, votes for only those candidates who "have a chance", or votes for the lesser of two evils, etc. My prayer is that when Sam or other qualified candidates seek office in the future, that we who name the name of Christ would do our homework, assist these candidates however possible, and then vote for them.

Any candidate not up to Biblical standards should not get our vote... It would be a sin to do so.


~ Toby Grater

“They Lied to Me…”

Dr. James Dobson

Last week, Dr. James Dobson switched his endorsement from Trey Grayson to Rand Paul in the Kentucky US Senate GOP primary.  Admitting that he had made an “embarrassing mistake”, He said:


"I was given misleading information about the candidacy of Dr. Rand Paul, who is running in the Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate. Senior members of the GOP told me Dr. Paul is pro-choice and that he opposes many conservative perspectives, so I endorsed his opponent. "



We can be thankful, I suppose, that Dr. Dobson finally got it right.  He also gets a few points for his willingness to openly admit his error.  His endorsement of Rand Paul is a nice endorsement, and will hopefully help him to be elected.  But a casual Google search revealed to anyone with an interest in politics, a desire for TRUTH, and a grain of discernment that Dr. Rand Paul is a man running against the establishment party hacks that have dissipated all good efforts at steering the ship of state to the better.  He ACTUALLY strongly condemns the bailouts and associated fraudulent practices, takes a STRONG pro-life stand, and holds practically every position dear to the Christian Right, with no record of failure to work for these positions.  Dr. Rand Paul


His opponent, Trey Grayson, is endorsed by the GOP “leadership”, and has the endorsements of Dick Cheney, Mitch McConnell and Rick Santorum (clue numbers 1, 2, and 3).  What has he DONE for our causes as Kentucky Secretary of State? He has, it appears, all the marks of a politician who checks off the right blocks on the voters guide, and makes little effort to promote those values when in power.  Sound familiar? It should…it’s the same routine as hundreds of other GOP hacks who have tricked the Christian Right out of their money and votes.


Dr. Dobson for decades, as part of his full time vocation and ministry, has been heavily involved in political causes, and looked upon as a premier leader of the “Christian Right”.  In all that time, with all the money, resources, and time at his hands to spend on these things, he apparently failed to see what is intuitively obvious to anyone with a measure of discernment and a mind open to Biblical thinking (a “Christian world view” we have come to call it).


None of these things are difficult to find.  Yet, Dr. Dobson complains that he was “misled” by high ranking GOP members, who told him that Rand Paul was “not pro-life”.   Gotta be kidding…right?   Nope, Dr. Dobson actually trusted GOP hacks…he just took their word for it!!!  The trouble is that if you look at the past, it appears as though he has been doing it this way for 30 years.


Dr. Dobson: NEWS FLASH!!!  The people who run the GOP will lie to you for political purposes. 


Dr. Dobson: NEWS FLASH!!! The people who run the GOP are part of the corporate/government partnership that is stealing the accumulated wealth of generations of Americans!!!  And you think you can just ASK them, and they will give you Godly advice on who is a good candidate???  Are you serious???


To those who have paid attention, the most baffling thing is how easily Christians are (and have been, over an over) deceived and misled into supporting anti-Christian agendas, based on rhetoric that is phony and shallow (see eight years of George W. Bush). 


Dr. Dobson may do as he chooses.  Whether it is through astounding blindness or for some other reason that he chooses to return to support those who cynically use him (and his followers) for crass political purposes we don’t know.  But for decades, millions of Christians have gone to the “leaders” of the “Christian” “Right” for information, guidance, or leadership.  It’s all been for naught, because these blind leaders of the blind have made a train wreck with the efforts, time, and money that people assumed were going to correct the wrong directions that our civil government has taken.


Let’s not confine this to “Dobson bashing”.  Dr. Dobson is just a rather visible model of the typical evangelical “leader” in the political realm.  I can recall a few Christian University chancellors who foolishly endorsed the secular humanists Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney in the last presidential primary election, because “you don’t want the Democrat (gasp!) to win, do you?”  And there were many more.  Maybe when Christians repudiate “leaders” like these Christian University presidents, and begin to fear God more than they fear the Democrat party, God will turn things for us.  Whether He does or not, we owe Him trust and obedience, not support of His enemies because those who would be obedient to Him “can’t win”.  What an insult.


There have been a few voices pleading, for years, for Christians to open their eyes and see all of this; now there is only pain in having earned the right to say “we told you so”.


It’s long past time for Christians to begin to think and act Biblically in the realm of politics.  We teach the kids in Sunday school the great lessons of David and Goliath, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego, and Daniel, and then support godless politicians because they “aren’t as bad as the other one, and the other guy (the Godly Christian candidate) doesn’t stand a chance.”  No wonder America faces God’s judgment.

~ Jim Mogel

Mayday, Mayday!

It’s nice, I suppose, that Christians were out celebrating May Day even if it’s “only” to pray for the unborn.  Clearly, every day can and should be used to that end.

But, for me at least, something is missing. Should we really celebrate this so-called holiday?  According to Marxist.org this article,

The May First strike was most aggressive in Chicago, which was at that time the center of a militant Left-wing labor movement… it was…a fighting movement, always ready to call the workers to action, develop their fighting spirit and set as their goal not only the immediate improvement of their living and working conditions, but the abolition of the capitalist system as well [Italics mine].

Anyone who stands with the scriptures has a choice here: Participate publicly while hoping that most of America will forget what May Day is, or stand in opposition, speak up, and expose this Communistic charade for the fraud that it is.

Christians, especially, do not seem to understand the importance of holidays and public symbols. We still own a few—that very recognizable fish symbol for example—but for the most part we’ve allowed our symbols to be attacked, diluted and ignored; witness what has happened to the rainbow, Christmas, and Thanksgiving, for example.

Part of the problem is that we aren’t fighting. The quote above makes clear that those among us who hate Christ and His Word are indeed out to win. And, they are employing special commemorative days—May Day and Labor Day to name two—to that end.

But what do you do when you don’t have the stomach for a fight that you know you should join? Well, the next best thing is to make it look like you’re fighting, sort of fighting nice, so to speak, which usually means not fighting at all.

And so, evangelicals turned out on May Day to pray: According to this article,  rallies commemorating the plight of the unborn were held around the nation this past May Day, with prayer being highlighted.

So how is that a problem? How can anyone say that you shouldn’t pray, especially since we are told in I Thessalonians 5: 17 to “pray without ceasing?”

I have a confession to make:  One of my problems is that, when faced with something that I have to do, I’ll often put it off, not by doing nothing, but instead by doing something else that I’d rather do. The job I’d rather do may need doing at some point, but that’s what makes it all the more dangerous, because my conscience is eased even while I’m avoiding my responsibility. How nice.

The Christian community should oppose and expose the peculiar May Day sham on every level. The holiday was born in atheism and nurtured in communism. Its fruit is misery and despair. How can we as Christians pretend to coexist with such an attack on the love of one’s neighbor and the commands of scripture?

So here’s my solution: What we need is a counter holiday. I’d suggest a Thanksgiving holiday corollary: Why not thank God on that day specifically for business and property owners? It’s businessmen, after all, that give us jobs, and it’s hard to imagine life without them.

The May Day mongers among us need a break anyway. They need to understand that without business and property owners (capitalist pigs to them), we wouldn’t have socialists. The socialists need the property owners like parasites need  a host.

So even if we can’t have our own day, we can at least spend some time next May 1st exposing the ungodly origins of the holiday and publicly thanking God for business and property owners, something we don’t do nearly as much as we should.

And let’s not forget to pray, especially that our socialist acquaintances will get a clue. And for that, we really will have to pray without ceasing.

Submitted by Joel Saint