We are a group of Christians who recognize that God, in His love, mercy, and infinite wisdom has not only provided the means of forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ, but has also provided, in the Old and New Testaments, all necessary directions and instructions for a just, happy, and productive society. Read more

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Biblical Worldview Lecture Series

December, 2014 - No meeting this month. See you in January!

Biblical Worldview Lecture Series

Dr. Paul Michael Raymond

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Paul Michael Raymond will be our guest speaker for the July lecture.

Stayed tuned - additional information to follow.


Presuppositional Apologetics

What is truly at the root of what we...and others... believe?

How do we determine that we know something to be truth?

Far from being an "ivory tower" topic, presuppositional apologetics is a fascinating and practical concept that affects our thinking every day.  An understanding of this subject helps us to better understand our faith and equips us to communicate God's Truth to others.

Come out and bring a friend for a great time of dining, fellowship, and learning.  We hope to see you there!

  "Third Tuesday" Lecture Series
Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

Dinner 6:00, from full menu 

Lecture 7:00

Chef Alan's American Bistro  

6th Ave. & Penn Street West Reading, PA


The God and Government Project

Thanks to John Lofton’s presentation of last month, I was encouraged to participate in the God and Government project that was the subject of that meeting.

So, last Tuesday evening (13 May), I took the opportunity to make a 3 minute presentation to my local Brecknock Township Board of Supervisors.

It definitely was not an earth-shaking event. However, after thanking the board for the opportunity to address them, I was able to present the Christian view of government through publically reading the following text:

Every social order has a foundation, a concept of law and government. And for most of the history of our country this foundation was, originally, the Bible, the Word of God, both the Old and New Testaments. Thus, the American view of law and government is founded on the Biblical view of law and government.

And this is explicitly made clear in the Declaration of Independence which invokes and appeals to: The Laws of Nature and of Nature's God; and the Supreme Judge of the world. Asserting a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, the Declaration says that all men are endowed by their Creator (capital “C”) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. And, AND...to secure these God-given rights, our Founders said Governments are instituted among Men. 

Our Founders said, clearly, explicitly, that the express purpose of governments --- plural, meaning all governments --- is to secure, to protect, rights that we already have from God. It is not the role of governments to give people “rights” but instead to protect the rights God has already given us as human beings made in His image.

So, the often-heard assertion today that America was founded as a secular country, where law and government are, supposedly, neutral and totally man-made, is false, dangerously false, indeed ruinously false. 

I respectfully ask, please, that you consider my remarks. Thank you.

There is nothing in this address that can reasonably be considered offensive or untrue. I plan to read at least eight more similar statements to my local township board, as well as (hopefully) my local county board of commissioners.

Following my presentation, I had the opportunity to speak about my remarks with a local newspaper reporter. I pointed out to her that “governments are instituted among men” to protect rights rather than to bestow them. It certainly seemed to me like this was a concept that she had never considered.

Furthermore, I was thrilled when all of my sons wanted to know all the details of the presentation. I could tell that they were pleased that their ‘dear old dad’ stood up and spoke up publically on behalf of the real origin of our rights.

If anyone reading this blog page would like to participate in the God and Government project through promoting the truth that the ultimate King is Jesus Christ, and that all governments everywhere are responsible to obey His Law, please let us know here at MARS! We would be interested in supporting you in any way possible, including attending the meeting in which you present, if geography and scheduling permit.

Please do not underestimate this opportunity. Our governing bodies have become a law unto themselves, which can only end in tyranny and oppression. You can receive a copy of the God and Government proposed texts by emailing John Lofton at JLof@aol.com.

~ Joel Saint


The Covenantal Nature of Reality

What is the basis of good and bad behavior?

How do we know?

Would you like to understand more about God's covenants?

God's covenants receive too little recognition and consideration in today's church, despite their critical importance and key role in understanding our relationship to Him.  Through this month's lecture you will learn foundational truths about how God communicates His Truth to us and how we respond.

Come out and bring a friend for a great time of dining, fellowship, and learning.  We hope to see you there!


Dinner 6:00

Lecture 7:00

Chef Alan's American Bistro  

6th Ave. & Penn Street West Reading, PA


John Lofton On His Way To MARS!

John Lofton



"What can one person do?"

Mr. Lofton will be glad you asked.  Come hear his presentation of the God and Government Project, through which you can be equipped to easily participate in local or county government.

Please consider forwarding this invitation to your friends and associates who might benefit from this very interesting and useful presentation!

For more than 40 years John Lofton has covered national politics and cultural/religious issues as a journalist, nationally-syndicated columnist, TV-radio commentator/analyst and political advisor.