2019 FUTURE OF CHRISTENDOM CONFERENCE: Advancing the Kingdom Through Enterprise

October 18-20, 2019 Lancaster Convention Center, Lancaster, PA


God, in His love, mercy, and infinite wisdom has not only provided the means of forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ, but has also provided, in the Old and New Testaments, all necessary directions and instructions for a just, happy, and productive society. Read more


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    October 18-20

    Future of Christendom Conference: Advancing the Kingdom Through Enterprise



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    Highlights from 2018 Future of Christendom Conference

    Oliver Cromwell

      "Not only strike while the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking"

    Expressing our thanks for the 2018 Future of Christendom Conference

    The 2018 Future of Christendom conference began and was complete in the blink of an eye. The planning and execution of the conference was filled with expected and unexpected challenges. Wethank our Lord Jesus Christ first, foremost, and overall for the time and blessings that we shared withthe attendees and speakers. Despite trepidations, uncertainties, and our own shortcomings, our hopesand expectations were exceeded. Sola Deo Gloria!

    Attendance was up about ten percent from last year. Head counts are not the best way to measure success or blessing, but are perhaps the easiest and most consistent metric, and  hard to deny that, in general, the more in attendance the better the reach. Better still, excitement and enthusiasm were inthe air for the entire weekend with constant, busy and sometimes animated discussions taking place inthe vendor hall, as well as some quieter discussions throughout the comfortable hotel accommodations surrounding the conference area. No doubt some serious Kingdom business was transacted! There seemed to be a lot of folks carrying away armloads from the vast array of great books on the vendor tables, as well as informative material that was graciously provided free of charge on many tables. The meals that we shared were delicious, particularly the Saturday night banquet buffet.

    We are certain that many first-time contacts were made, and believe that the connections establishedwill be used of the Lord for productive work in the future - the "future of Christendom" as we like to say.We, the MARS board, made a conscious effort to spend as much time as possible speaking with theattendees, even if it meant that we had a little less time to spend with the various speakers. We weregreatly blessed by this effort, as we realized the deep commitment to Christ and the vast knowledge andexperience of the folks who attended. What an encouragement to learn of the capabilities of thesemany people!Thanks to each attendee for your time in attending and in speaking with us.

    The speakers and vendors, obviously key to the effort, came well prepared for their tasks, were consistently friendly and enthusiastic, and received high praise in the feedback that we received from attendees. We thank them for their hard work and commitment to our conference. We are tremendously blessed, too, by a large group of willing volunteers who did a lot of work that many did not see. Our humble thanks goes out to these fine people.

    We hope that everyone who attended took home with them ideas and plans that they are now working to implement; that is our goal. Plans are in the works for the 2019 conference which will focus on building the Kingdom through enterprise, and address ways that Christians can serve Christ through business and the workplace. We trust that the time of learning, networking, and fellowship will again be a blessing to many, the date and place to be announced in the near future. Thanks again, and may the Lord bless you until next time!

    Remembering Buddy Hanson


    December 19, 1941 – September 17, 2018

    Please click here for an exellent tribute to our good friend, Buddy Hanson

    By Martin Selbrede


    From Pastor Joel Saint...

    Pastor Joel's blog.

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    Friday, 10 August, 2018

    OK, it’s been awhile; my apologies.

    Saturday, 11 August, 2018
    And now, it’s been another whole day; more apologies.
    The theme of our week long conference has been “All Authority.” Two conference
    locations have been running simultaneously. I have spoken three times,
    concentrating mainly on two areas: 1) Power vs. Authority, as mentioned above, and
    2) Authority and Responsibility, from Exodus (mainly demonstrated by Moses).
    The Zambians are, by and large pretty passive. The country is officially Christian, but
    the UN types are working hard to introduce abortion and homosexual behavior,
    both of which are illegal at present. Our message has been somewhat simple: You
    must stand up and speak up, because those who hate Christ and His favorite
    creation, people, are also working hard and are well funded.
    The other night, during Q and A, speaking to about 45 people, I was asked if I am
    allowed to say in the US what I was saying to them. May I speak as clearly about
    what God says about the vices mentioned above, as well as the porno curse?
    It turns out that they have sort of been keeping up with events in the US. I explained
    to them that, in my church, I can still speak up. However, just to the north of us,
    there is this country called Canada, and there, they are throwing pastor is jail for
    speaking up.
    I told them that I am free to speak… For now. And, it is my job to keep on speaking,
    for if we pastors stay quiet, we know exactly where this thing will end.
    Just now, I am relaxing a bit by the Kafue River. I’m hoping to include a photo or two.
    There is supposed to be hippos and crocs in this river, but so far the most dangerous
    thing I’ve seen is a large salamander.
    We (Charl, Jason, and I) were just sitting here talking. Across the river, we can see
    some banana trees. The trees are sort of scattered about, and there is much unused
    land. Charl asked, “If you can plant a few banana trees and make a little money, why
    not plant a lot of trees and make a lot of money?”
    Charl then answered his own question: “These folks don’t think that way. They just
    don’t think long-term.”
    It’s true. Ron has made a point of saying that Zambians don’t consider the future.
    Here’s an example: The other day Jason noticed that we were running out of bread
    and remarked that we should get more. Ron then pointed out (backed up by Charl)
    that that type of thinking is unusual here in Zambia in particular and Africa in
    general. They don’t buy more when they are running low; they wait till they run out
    entirely; then they buy more.
    Most of the taxi’s we have taken run the same way. Serious business: They buy
    enough petrol (gasoline) for each trip. Most of the time here, you get into a taxi, and
    the gas gauge is at or below “E.” You get into the taxi, and you can be sure that the
    first stop you will be making will be for about 2 or 3 quarts of petrol. Then, you can
    be on your way.
    More later; thank you all for your prayers and support! So far, no mosquito bites

    *** End

    Monday, 5 August, 1:40 AM
    Once again, middle of the night (sort of), and I’m pretty much wide awake. Today I
    got to preach in a church pastored by one of our hosts, Bishop Fataki. It’s always a
    little different speaking with an interpreter, but we managed, and he (the
    interpreter) did well. It’s one thing to lecture, or simply teach, through an
    interpreter; it’s another to preach where voice intensity, hand gestures, pauses, etc.,
    are an essential part of the presentation.
    Later today, during the first part of our seminar, I’ll be teaching, along with Charl,
    Jason, and Ron.
    Things are just really different here. So, check this out (and, once again, I was glad
    for Charl letting me know that I should expect disruption as the norm here): OK, so
    we were leaving a restaurant, and Bishop Mulenga’s car was not running well
    (wouldn’t idle; kept stalling). Well, just as we were about to leave, as Jason and I
    approached the car, we saw the hood was up, and two guys were standing there
    eating fried chicken. They had some mechanical tools sitting on the ground
    It was explained to us that these two guys were there to fix the car, but that they had
    to take a lunch break. We found out later that Bishop Mulenga actually paid for their
    lunch!! In the end, they didn’t fix the car at all, it kept stalling on the way home, but
    here’s the crazy part: As I understood it, these guys needed a ride back home. So, the
    bishop told them that he would be back to pick them up after he dropped us off back
    at the BNB.
    Yes, you heard right: 1) The car isn’t running right; 2) The “mechanic” guys try to fix
    it, and can’t; 3) The bishop buys them lunch, then promises to give them a ride home
    in the car they can’t fix!
    This is Africa. Charl and Ron warned us, so no real big surprises yet…
    Speaking of Africa, this past Saturday evening Charl introduced us to a real, good old
    fashioned missionary. His name is Grant Schaeffer, and he works in northern Zambia
    in a town near Lake Tanganyika. I can’t remember the name of the town. Anyway,
    he’s been ministering there for 18 years, has 4 children, and lives in a house so small
    that he has had to set up a tent outside of his house for his ministry correspondence.
    While he does have access to electricity (most of the time, apparently), his income is
    extremely sparse. Charl told us that he believes that last year he survived on about
    10 thousand dollars for the whole year. He does have some support from some local
    churches, and teaches men who are committed to teaching others. He also has a
    small farm and coffee bean business.
    However, he apparently has so little funds that he has to visit his supporting
    churches via motorbike. Tell you what: Some of those rural roads are scary enough
    to travel on by car, but by motorcycle? I’m definitely not envious.
    But, Grant labors on. O, and did I mention? He’s post-mil. I reckon that helps.
    And, yeah, while I was writing this blog, I managed to kill my first mosquito. Feeling
    good about that!
    Thank you for your prayers, concerns, and support; more soon!

    *** End

    Saturday 3 August, 2018; 2:56 a.m.
    Yeah, it’s almost 3 a.m., and I’m basically wide awake. I don’t know if I went to bed
    too early or too late. That’s the way it is with jet lag, I suppose. In any case, here I
    am. And yeah, I had to enter this as Saturday, as it is here, but is still Friday in PA,
    USA, of course.
    It was a good trip here. Uneventful, really. You know what made it good, I think?
    Well, before I left, I was thinking about dropping 30 bucks for this ultra-special
    travel pillow from Amazon, but my penny pinching wife thought that was a
    considerable waste of $$, and what was I thinking! She promised to get me one from
    Goodwill or some re-useit place for a few pennies.
    Well, that was supposed to happen on Monday, but when I got home from work on
    Monday evening, she hadn’t found anything. “What’s up?” I asked. “You know I need
    that pillow, right?” “Don’t worry, I’ve got this thing,” she said.
    Well, when I got home Tuesday evening, there was the pillow. She had made it using
    some stuffing—I think that’s what it’s called—and an old beach towel. It looked
    great, but performed even better. Especially on the 2 nd leg of the trip, from Dubai to
    Lusaka, I got some good sleep despite being confined to an uncomfortable middle
    Secret to a good international flight? The right pillow. Seriously.
    All right, sleep coming back, talk later about the accomodations here (very nice), our
    hosts (very sincere), and the internet connection (very sketchy).

    *** End

    Political Characters

    Does character matter when it comes to politics? Of course, there are no flawless candidates but where does a Christian draw his line? Can a Christian legitimately say, “What a politician does in his personal life is none of our business?” And how do we assess a candidate’s character?

    Yes. It depends. No. The Bible.

    In Nevada there’s a candidate for office in the state legislature who has the backing of some evangelicals. Problem is, he owns five brothels and a strip club – all legal by Nevada standards.His support from evangelicals (not unanimous, by the way) stems from their perception of hishonesty, freedom from political party establishment, and not being beholden to contributors (he’srich).

    This story (see below for internet link) is what raised the questions above. What struck me most in the article equating this man’s popularity with President Trump’s, was this paragraph:“It’s more important for evangelical voters that Trump is fighting for an idealized, white Christian, conservative America,” said Dan Cox, research director at the Public Religion Research Institute, a nonpartisan organization that researches the intersection of religion, culture and public policy. “Tribal values now supersede personal morality as ananimating force.”

    Read that again: “Tribal values now supersede personal morality as an animating force.” Wow! Christians are now more tribal than moral.

    We’ve grown accustomed to having to hold our noses to vote for candidates, but it seems time we Christians actually address the questions and recapture our morality. Or, better said, “...be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptableand perfect will of God.” [Rom.12:2]

    Image result for character matters
    The character questions raised above are interrelated and can’t be addressed singly. Does apolitician’s character matter? Yes. If a politician doesn’t behave properly outside of “public”life (lack of character) he won’t behave properly in civic duties. – or, at least, we have no reason to be surprised if he misbehaves while in office.

    At this late date, there’s no reason to doubt that Bill Clinton is a serial adulterer and, by legal definitions, a sexual predator. (His affair with Monica Lewinsky fits, given the inequality intheir positions.) That’s a pretty big flaw in his character, yet he was elected as governor of Arkansas and as president of the United States (twice). Was there evidence of his character priorto the elections? Yes, if you were looking deeply enough.

    If a man is untrustworthy in his marriage, why would we consider him trustworthy in official duties?

    So this is a blending of questions 1&3. Character matters and we can’t separate the public and private character of politicians. What a man does when he thinks no one is watching is what truly defines his character. Because just like in words (“For out of the abundance of the heart themouth speaks.”[Matt.12:34]), so it is with character. Words and actions betray the heart of a man.

    And now we’ve swerved into the fourth question: How do we assess the man’s character? The Bible teaches us clearly as just mentioned above. We must go beyond the headlines, the news, and propaganda to dig out the reality, the evidence, of a politician’s life. How much smoke willwe find? Is there a fire?

    And the standard we use for assessment is the Bible. Is there any fruit adorning the man’s life? Peace? Joy? Kindness? Patience? Self-control? [Gal.5:22-23] If he’s been in office previously, how did his actions stack up against biblical governing? Biblical leaders are succinctly described in Exodus 18:21 – “... select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hatingcovetousness....”

    Last, where do we Christians draw the line? I can’t answer that for everyone (although I must say that a brothel owner is over the line for me). Christian liberty of conscience comes into play here. But if we will get serious about studying our Bibles and God’s Law, then the answers should be mostly obvious and mostly the same to true Christians. God’s Word will not return unto him void [Isa.55:11] and that’s not just true regarding salvation, it’s true for all of life.

    We draw the line at Christian ethics, not political tribalism.

    ~John Bingaman
    June 2018

    “Evangelicals Support Pimp” – Reuters, June 22, 2018

    We’ll See…

    We used to joke about how the commies would cloak their atrocious
    intentions behind the lofty names of their countries – The Peoples’
    Republic of you-name-it – as if “the people” were in favor of the
    politics. In reality, those in control of the biggest guns were “the
    people.” Ha, ha. Wink, wink. The Peoples’ Republic of ….

    Determining the actual will of the masses was never much looked at
    because everyone understood what was going on. Those being
    oppressed had no effective voice, those in power were too busy pillaging
    to care about the will of the people, and those not involved averted their
    eyes from the situation.

    So the oppressors got away with pillaging and oppressing. Those not yet
    affected were complicit. We just didn’t want to get involved. It was

    Well, it never was “ha, ha” funny and our long-term failure to call out
    and oppose such nonsense is biting us at every turn.

    The commies are now fully ensconced in Western society as totalitarian
    bureaucrats who smother enterprise, innovation, and progress as much as
    they can get away with. They are in charge of the guns and they hide
    behind the votes of “the people” to provide legitimacy for regulation ad

    If you think Americans don’t live in a totalitarian regime, try to fix your
    sidewalk without the proper permits! Or put up a sign for your business.
    Image result for papers please signOr file the wrong tax form. Or get on an airplane without a sanctioned
    photo ID. (“May I see your papers, please?”)

    Duly elected officials have legislated all this nonsense. Because they’re
    elected, it must be the will of the people.

    Sometime next year, the United Kingdom is scheduled to withdraw from
    the European Union – the so-called Brexit. The June 2016 referendum,
    where a majority of the UK electorate voted to leave the EU behind, was
    a blow to those who busy themselves building a new world order, i.e. the
    totalitarian bureaucrats.

    The problem of the Brexit vote is that it pulls back the curtain of
    “democracy”, i.e. legitimacy, behind which these totalitarians hide

    With less than a year until Brexit takes effect, the apparatchiks are
    beginning a huge push to negate the referendum; their plans and
    implementation seem to continue apace. Perhaps Brexit is not much of a
    blow to the on-going march of bureaucratic socialism after all.

    Do they realize that if they succeed in brazenly ignoring Brexit their
    curtain of legitimacy will be entirely removed and not just pulled back?
    Yes. Do they care? Apparently not.
    How can we Christian Reconstructionists explain the problem? It’s
    pretty much by banging the same old drum: Pointing out that men wish
    to be God. What is totalitarianism, after all, except the belief that man’s
    ideas are absolutely correct and as such need to be absolutely obeyed. It
    is illegitimate to deviate from the totalitarian plan because departure
    might uncover a better way. Impossible, and therefore illegal!

    And how do we Christian Reconstructionists recommend we fight the
    totalitarians? Again, it’s the same song: Embrace Christianity and teach
    others its beauty. Christians do not support illegitimate authority; their
    king is Christ. Christians do not allow others to walk in darkness; they
    teach the truth of the Bible.

    Totalitarians cannot for long control “the people” unless those same
    people don’t fight but accept the totalitarian vision. Visions of no
    responsibility. Visions of a free lunch. Powerful but illusory visions.

    The Bible militates against such views. Instead, there we find blueprints
    for responsibilities and the rights that arise from those same
    responsibilities. Having a responsibility to have no other gods, mankind
    necessarily has a right to worship the one True God. Having a
    responsibility to not murder, mankind necessarily has a right to life. Etc.

    The root of the problem is education, or rather mis-education.
    Bureaucrats and totalitarians (if there’s a difference) control the masses
    because they control their education. Controlling education controls
    beliefs. Controlling beliefs creates willing subjects eager for instruction.
    Willing subjects create a demand for more bureaucrats to lead them.

    And so it goes.
    The Brexit vote gives a glimmer of hope that “the people” are finally
    getting it. Will Brexit actually happen or is the glimmer false hope?

    We’ll see.

    ~ John Bingaman