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Biblical Worldview Lecture Series

September 16, 2014 - Honest Money

October 21, 2014 - Biblical Immigration

Biblical Worldview Lecture Series

Pennsylvania House Bill 671

Back in March and April of 2013 our topic was "The Biblical Doctrine of Self Defense". We learned that because the responsibility to keep and bear arms is God-given, no one except God can withdraw or limit their use. Christians were given the responsibility to keep and bear arms long before the ratification of the Constitution (See Psalm 149:6-9).

We asked the question: Is state licensing (permission) required to perform God-given responsibilities?

Even though the answer is a resounding NO, most of us prefer to work to change unbiblical law from outside the prison system. In addition to "Firearms Permits", there are many other permits, taxation schemes, property use restrictions, etc. that need to be eliminated.

I bring to your attention Pennsylvania House Bill 671.

This bill seems to be a step in the right direction regarding licensing of firearms holders in that it repeals certain sections of Title 18 (Crimes and Offenses).

The main description of the bill is as follows:

The General Assembly finds that:

(1)  The laws in existence regulating firearms ownership, possession and use are ineffectual in preventing crime and only interfere with the natural rights of law abiding citizens.

(2)  It is necessary to codify the inherent right to the carrying of firearms, whether openly or concealed, and that the right to self-defense is an inherent natural right that shall not be questioned as stated in section 21 of Article I of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The bill goes on to say:

Section 3.  Section 6106 of Title 18 is repealed:

[§ 6106.  Firearms not to be carried without a license.

In addition, Section 6122 (Proof of license and exception) is also repealed.

You can read H.B. 671 in its entirety here.

I ask our Pennsylvania readers to contact their State Representatives and encourage them to sign on as a co-sponsor to this bill or thank them if they already have.

~ Toby Grater


Bill Nye / Ken Ham, Debating the Debate

Last minute change to our February Biblical Worldview Lecture!



Stupor Bowl

This was the opposite of all those “What were you doing when John Kennedy was shot?” or “Where were you when you found out about the Twin Towers?” questions. This is more like “What do you wish you would have been doing instead of dragging your formerly conscious brain through that culturally iconic snorefest now only dimly remembered as Super Bowl XLVIII (I think that’s ‘Super Bowl 48’—if anyone remembers or cares by now).

So here are a few lessons learned from this most Irrelevant National Exercise:

1) Did you notice (see above) how the Super Bowl sequential numerals are always displayed as a Roman numeral? Remember, this is America, where plenty of functional illiterates can’t even read Arabic numerals.

So why the Roman numerals? Well, if we realize that this is/was Super Bowl number 48, we might realize that there have already been 47 of these events, and maybe we don’t have to believe that this is the event of the millennium. We just might figure out that it’s just another Super Bowl (Did I just say that—“Just another Super Bowl”)? Almost sounds blasphemous.

2) The past is not always prologue. Those Orange Guys were supposed to come any play a professional football game. Instead, we got a football version of the Harlem Globetrotters vs. the Washington Generals. It should at least have been a game.

But it wasn’t. This is something that almost no one predicted.

Which brings me to:

3) Tonight’s debate: “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern, scientific era?” between Bill Nye (he’s a Science Guy) and Ken Ham (he is, to hear the anti-Christians tell it, a trying-hard-look-like-a-Science-Guy-but-is-really-just-a-bible-thumping-Christian-Fundamentalist-Neanderthal guy).

But truly, if the past is not prologue, then I think we can confidently say that the prologue is not the past. And, isn’t that what evolutionary theory is all about? Doesn’t evolutionary theory depend on millions, even billions of years based on the maxim that the prologue really does interpret the past?

OK, I get it: That embarrassing shellacking that the Denver Broncos took from the Seattle Seahawks does not disprove the theory of goo-to-you-mega-million-year-old existence of the universe.

But it does show that you can’t always judge the present by the past any more than you can judge the past by the present.

Oh, and this just in: Bill Nye has already lost the debate.

Joel Saint pastor’s the Independence Reformed Bible Church, and is the Executive Director of the Mid Atlantic Reformation Society.


How would you identify a 'modern day' prophet?

No, we're not talking about someone who takes a wild guess at some unusual thing that's supposed to happen sometime in the future.  


We are talking about someone who, as far back as the 1960's looked ahead and saw the disastrous course on which our nation had set itself.   


Author of over 30 books, and sometimes called the father of the Christian and Homeschool movements,
R. J. Rushdoony (1916-2001) was a man who clearly saw that if a nation-yes-nation does not seek to serve Christ in her national laws and culture, then that nation can only be headed for the trash heap.  


However, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord..." More than anyone else I know, Dr. Rushdoony outlined the case for an explicitly Christian nation.  


He is one of very few ever to do so in the modern era. As a result, his influence has been profound. It is safe to say that almost no contemporary theologian has written so much that has clarified an explicitly biblical view of society, be it law, economics, education,  justice, entertainment, philosophy and general culture.


Please join us at our February presentation to learn more about Dr. Rushdoony.


“…even stop lights…”

On a late summer outing to Ocean City, NJ, my wife and I spent the evening on the boardwalk.  One of our stops was Mia’s Christmas Gallery, a store loaded with practically anything to do with Christmas.  A very nice place.  It was hard not to notice the nice atmosphere, and that the customers all seemed to be relaxed and in a good humor. Christmas does that to people.  Of course I had no way of knowing who in the store had a true interest in Christmas as the celebration of Christ’s birth, and who saw Christmas as just a nice holiday.  But that is just the point…regardless of their true relationship to the whole concept, they were all pleasantly affected by the Christmas atmosphere. 

All this got me THINKING.  How often we condemn the “commercialization of Christmas”.  How often we lament that society is going through the motions of Christmas while missing the message and reality of the Christ Child.  The concern is legitimate.  There is, though, another side to this story, and that side is the power and majesty of the Savior who was born on the day that we celebrate at Christmas time.  It’s wonderful for those who truly know and love Jesus Christ to set aside time to celebrate His incarnation with all its miraculous and profound meaning.  But just for a minute, set aside your distaste for all the Christmas hoopla, and see the power of Christ at work.

It’s one thing for those who know and love Christ to enjoy a celebration of His birth.  How could we not be awed by this profound miracle, this incomparable plan by God to redeem His creation and bring into fellowship those whom He loves?  But look around at Christmas, and you see countless millions of individual actions taking place…purposefully or not, knowingly or not…that commemorate the birth of the Savior.  That is power unequaled by any figure in history. 

So, Christian, let’s not defend commercialization of Christmas.  But let’s not allow it to spoil our yuletide joy, and marvel at the prospect that two millennia after Christ’s birth, the whole world practically stops for a day or two, millions of people act a little kinder, and that you can celebrate God’s wonderful gift amidst the beauty of the season. 

“…I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

                                                                                                         Jesus, Luke 19:40 

“Strings of street lights Even stop lights Blink a bright red and green

As the shoppers rush home with their treasures

Hear the snow crunch See the kids bunch This is Santa's big scene And above all this bustle You'll hear:

Silver bells silver bells It's Christmas time in the city Ring a ling, hear them ring Soon it will be Christmas day”

                                                                               “Silver Bells”, Jay Livingston & Ray Evans

                                                                                © Paramount Music Corp


“Silver Bells” is not exactly a Biblical Christmas carol, yet it gets at the truth that God will use His creation to glorify Himself.  So this Christmas, let the customs and the festivities remind you of the real and meaningful truths of Christ’s incarnation.  And on Christmas Eve when the whole world practically stops for a brief time, marvel at the profound effect of His birth on human history. 

And, by the way, if you’d like to read about a more overtly biblical Christmas carol, go here

Merry Christmas! 

~ Jim Mogel