2019 FUTURE OF CHRISTENDOM CONFERENCE: Advancing the Kingdom Through Enterprise

October 18-20, 2019 Lancaster Convention Center, Lancaster, PA


God, in His love, mercy, and infinite wisdom has not only provided the means of forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ, but has also provided, in the Old and New Testaments, all necessary directions and instructions for a just, happy, and productive society. Read more


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    October 18-20

    Future of Christendom Conference: Advancing the Kingdom Through Enterprise



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    Highlights from 2018 Future of Christendom Conference

    Oliver Cromwell

      "Not only strike while the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking"

    The Future of Christendom: Transforming the Culture Through Education

    Don't miss the Future of Christendom conference this year!  The conference theme, Transforming the Culture Through Education, cannot strongly enough convey the importance of Godly education for our task of reconstructing society. Better still, Future of Christendom conferences are intentionally designed to provide ample time for fellowship with others in attendance.  Conference speakers don't just speak...they are available throughout the conference for personal interaction with you!  Do you have expertise to share?  Bring it!  Are you looking for solutions?  Come ask the experts!

    The Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society has again lined up impressive and seasoned Christians with years of practice:

    Paul Michael Raymond and Martin Selbrede will bring a series of plenary addresses on Kingdom Education, addressing the shortcomings of the past, with Martin delving into the Biblical necessity and vast possibilities of Christian education, and Pastor Raymond capping it off with concrete ideas for community action within the realm of education!

    Peter Hammond, Director of Frontline Fellowship, will examine modern textbooks within the scope of Providential Christian History. Peter's 36 years of experience across 37 countries in Africa and Europe have enriched the Christian History books he has written, including: The Greatest Centure of Missions and The Greatest Century of Reformation

    You won't want to miss the opportunity to hear John Eidsmoe hammer home the fact that the foundation of education is Biblical inerrancy!  Dr. Eidsmoe's expertise in history and Constitutional government are sure to add flavor and insight to this topic.

    Phillip Kayser, Founder and President of Biblical Blueprints, plans on addressing the Scriptural axioms of education.  This promises to be an insightful and well-rounded presentation.

    Many of us are familiar with Matt Trewhella's groundbreaking work on the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate.  Matt graciously returns this year to bring us a very practical session on "Educating the Magistrate".

    Come hear Godfrey Kyazze, Founder of Masters Institute for Education in Uganda, share his considerable expertise and experience in applying Christian education as the antidote to humanism!  Is there a more pressing need or purpose in education than this?

    Many are familiar with Charl van Wyk's riveting book Shooting back; Charl has been hard at work by God's grace doing successful and exciting mission work in Africa and will bring the topic: Humanistic Education: Destroyer of Nations.

    This year we are providing educational lessons and activities for the kids. We encourage you to bring the entire family!  

    Registering now insures your place at this limited-space conference so that by God's grace you might be equipped to better serve Him through better understanding and committing to Christian Education. This is a truly crucial topic!

    The conference will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Reading, PA on October 5-7, 2018.

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    Who Would Jesus Tax?

    What does the Bible teach about civil taxation? What did Jesus actually teach about "rendering unto Caesar"? How Biblical are our tax laws? We all have an opinion about taxation, but what does God say? You may be surprised to hear how much the Bible says about this important topic. A question and answer time follows the presentation, let us know your opinion!

    April 28, 2018 - Who Would Jesus Tax?

    10:30 AM - Noon ~ Boyertown Community Library, 24 N Reading Ave, Boyertown

    The Mission of the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society, 2018 and Beyond

    In God's providence, the reformation sparked by Martin Luther in 1517 marches on!  The work of the Mid-Atlantic Reformation Society (MARS) centers on the application of Scripture to all areas of life, to the glory of Jesus Christ and the advancement of His Kingdom.  In practical terms, we apply this through the principles behind our motto: "Think and Reform".  In addition to teaching the scriptural truths applied to the issues of the day, we seek to foster effective action and Godly cooperation within the Body of Christ to the end that individuals, families, churches, and the culture at large, including the civil government, are conformed to purposes established for them by God.  This is in essence the Great Commission, and reformation in its true sense.

    We recognize that the church at large has been sidetracked by a variety of forces.  Pietism and other theological aberrations play a large part in this. Many pastors and leaders express reluctance or difficulty in dealing with various cultural or civil issues, and MARS stands ready and eager to assist in these areas and to build relationships based on cooperative efforts.  In most cases this has been an area of disinterest and limited success.  We, therefore, encourage believers who wish to advance reformation to seek out churches where the application of God's Word to all areas of life is desired and pursued.  We also encourage believers who cannot locate such an assembly to seek out qualified church leaders and pastors to form new churches.  To this end MARS has been instrumental in the establishment of a thriving local church, equipping eager Christians to pursue the Great Commission with the full-orbed Gospel to the end that God be glorified in all spheres of life.  Our work is ongoing to foster growth of more such works and Godly cooperation between them.

    The civil sphere, much neglected by the church for too many years, begs for reformation.  MARS has addressed many aspects of how this reformation can take place through strongly biblical topical presentations.  These presentations have been part of our regular local meetings as well as by invitation to various civic events and Christian groups.  In an effort to expand our scope of influence, we are promoting increased availability of our speakers to interested groups.  We seek to be a valuable resource to those needing solutions to the problems and issues facing society from all angles.  MARS offers a wide range of topics covering economics, politics, missions, theology, and many more contemporary issues.

    MARS has sponsored numerous conferences with guest speakers on various topics and themes.  In 2017 we sponsored our first "Future of Christendom" conference in Reading, PA, in recognition of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.  Our goal was to provide an array of competent speakers who would challenge attendees to take action, and who would be available for personal interaction throughout the conference.  Attendees were from across the US and a number from around the world. The conference was blessed beyond our efforts and abilities, and based on very positive feedback we are continuing with the format for 2018 and beyond.  The goal is two-fold; first, to provide effective and informative lectures, and second to allow like-minded people to meet and interact face to face.

    Anything But That

    It’s not hard to find editorials and essays seriously hand-wringing about
    the state of civility in Western society. Think about all the outrages
    being discussed:

    • Public education
    • Political intrigue and follies
    • Police abuses
    • Monetary & economic abasement
    • Military uncertainties
    • Global warming / cooling / “change”
    • Sexual misconduct

    You probably have your own list – maybe longer, maybe shorter. But
    surely you have a list.

    Now think about the diagnoses and prescriptions of the essays and news
    articles you read. When was the last time you read anything of
    significance regarding what you might do to make things better?
    Mostly, the essays leave their readers in despair – “Just reporting the
    facts, ma’am.”

    Perhaps you’ll read a prescription for how to protect yourself from the
    on-going slide down the slippery slope. Often, there’s the default
    petition to civil government to impose or increase enforcement of some
    rule that might solve the difficulty. But that’s always something that
    “someone” should do.

    Without guidance on how to effect change, our “fight or flight” response
    is engaged but directionless. And the despair rides on.

    Review my list above; review your own list. Does not each of the
    societal ills root from a break in morality and ethics? And here we are
    again, back to the notion of Right and Wrong. (Seems like that’s all I
    write about).

    Having left our Bibles to search for truth elsewhere we always end up in
    despair and mis-diagnosed and prescription-less. But that’s the point of
    this message.

    When you read the latest outrage or the next novel analysis of societal
    ills, note how assiduously the writer avoids pointing out that the problem
    is our abandonment of Christian norms. The lost heritage of a Christian
    worldview applied outside the church is the single, basic problem being
    manifested in our lists of ills. The commentators, journalists, legislators
    and others will suggest Anything But That.

    So, what can we do? In conversation, in letters to editors, in on-line
    comments and responses we must point out to anyone and everyone that
    only when society holds to a common moral code will that society hold
    together. If every man does what’s right in his own eyes, our lists will
    grow because the conflicts will multiply.

    Most importantly, the common moral code we point to must be the
    Bible. It’s worked before, it will work again. The solutions to our lists
    of problems are to be found in the re-capture of the biblical moral code.

    ~John Bingaman
    February, 2018

    Politics or Right & Wrong?

    In the classic Humphrey Bogart movie, Casablanca, the local police inspector played by Claude Rains hypocritically expressed that he was, "Shocked, Shocked!" to find that gambling was occurring at Bogart's establishment. This, while he was there collecting his winnings from the previous night.

    Today's press finds itself similarly "Shocked, Shocked!" to find out that there are powerful men in business and politics who prey on and molest women in their employ. This, after 25 years of burying Bill Clinton's indiscretions and 50 years of promoting "free love," not to mention shaming anyone who holds to a biblical stance on love and marriage.

    Pardon my skepticism at the media outrage.

    Are we supposed to believe that the press has actually moved beyond their "What-people-do-inprivate-is-none-of-our-business" mindset? All of a sudden, they care about boorish and even felonious behavior?

    Don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating for continued cover-ups of this behavior. Shine full light on it. But let's be careful of a few things:

    1. We should still presume innocence. If the man denies the charge, let's give him his day in court. Public admission of guilt pretty well removes the doubt, but denials need to be overcome by proof and not by newspapers.

    2. We should be watchful for the malicious use of misconduct charges. The current atmosphere is lending credence to every allegation and politicians are not above smearing opponents with this tool. A question like, "Senator Snort, have you stopped beating your wife?" for example, raises doubt. Any response is a bad response; denial serves to validate the accusation. This is the situation today.

    3. We should question why this narrative is being pushed now? Who benefits from the scandals? Is this more about selling newspapers than uncovering truth? Is something else being promoted? Is attention being deflected from something or someone else?

    Look, molesting women is always wrong. It has always been wrong and will always be wrong. But what's actually being discussed, without its being generally realized, is a religious argument. Why is it wrong? Who says it's wrong? Those are things your religion defines.

    If our pagan friends actually come to grips with the implications of "always" wrong they will be forced to deal with transcendence. If something is true regardless of men and society (i.e. "always"), then it transcends men and society. Then there is Someone outside of mankind Who made it true.

    These scandals provide an opportunity for Christians. We can ask our friends and family these simple questions about Right & Wrong, about Who makes the rules? Confronting God's Law and what is sin is the important first step that we make on the road to repentance. Let's make use of these stories to advance an agenda of truth, God's Law.

    Perhaps this is the beginning of a new era of requiring moral character in our political and societal leaders. Wouldn't that be great? But perhaps this is just craven politicking and sensationalism.

    If we start getting to the root of what's Right & Wrong and the media doesn't turn away, then Hallelujah and Amen. If Truth starts to scare everyone away, if this all fades away when the lottery gets to $200million or we discover the world's oldest chewing gum, then we should look at points #2 and #3 much more carefully.

    ~John Bingaman
    December 2017